Accounting software that helps your business grow.

Our cloud platform has all the nuts and bolts you need for managing your finances. From billing to purchasing, and from inventory management to tax readiness, we've got you covered.


Let the money roll in with OYO Books. Send quotes to your customers and easily see when they've been approved. Generate professional invoices and set up reminders to automatically chase online payments. If you work by the clock, we have timesheets for you.

Sales Approval

Increase the accuracy of the invoices or estimate sent to your customer with Sales Approval.


Share proposals and get notified when customers approve. Accepted estimates can be converted into invoices, sales orders, or projects.


Give your customers online payment options so you can get paid fast. Even offline payments are effortless to record.

Sales Bill

Collect deposits and advance payments with OYO Books. Once the transaction is complete, use the pre-payments to invoice your customers.

Sales Return

Make every billable minute count. Use role-based access to let each employee easily complete the right timesheet actions.


Get a clear view of the purchases you make for your business. Record expenses and send bills from a single location in OYO Books. And when you're on the road, just scan the receipts and create reports from your phone.

Purchase Approval

Validate transactions and maintain error-free records with Purchase Approval.


Keep track of your expenses and see where your money is going. Go paperless to remove clutter and stay organized.

Purchase Bills

We make tracking your payables a breeze. Create one-time or recurring bills to forward expenses to the customers.

Purchase Order

Trouble keeping track of your refunds from vendors? OYO Books records your vendor credits.

Purchase Return

Capture mountains of receipts with auto-scan. Simply upload your receipts and let OYO Books extract data for you.

Contact Management

Organize all your customers and vendors in one central place. Give each organization a primary contact person, a billing address, and default payment terms. Collaborate with customers and sales staff to get more done in less time.


View outstanding amounts, past transactions, and statements in one place for a better understanding of your contacts.

Client Portal

Let your customers view recent transactions, approve estimates, give feedback, and make bulk payments with the Client Portal.

Vendor Portal

Bridge the gap between your sales and finance teams. With Zoho CRM integration, your sales reps can access customers.

Contact Reports

Associate credit cards and recurring transactions with your contacts to start collecting payments automatically.


Stay on top of your inventory at all times. OYO Books automatically updates your inventory levels when you make a sale or a purchase. Set custom prices and get an accurate view of your your profitability.

Product listing

Organize your inventory with vital information like SKU, cost, and stocks on hand.

Inventory Adjustment

Confirm each sale before shipping with custom sales orders. Create purchase orders to communicate your requirements.

Inventory Tracking

Let OYO Books tell you what goods you have on hand, identify fast-moving items, and keep you well-stocked for your next order.

Unit Of Measurement

A unit of measure is assigned to all inventory items and must be defined before a product can be entered.


Do more with OYO Books. Save time by automating even the most unique business workflows. Get closer to your customers through personalized communication. Define roles and give your staff controlled access to financial data they need.

General Configuration

Set up rules to trigger actions based on events you choose. With every workflow you automate, you gain a little bit more time to grow your business.


Stay connected with your customers through personalized communication. Send customized invoices and emails to maintain your branding and add a personal touch.

User Roles

Work collaboratively across departments. OYO Books maintains the integrity of your financial data while providing controlled access to users who need it.

Reporting Tags

Slice and dice the data the way you want. Reporting tags tie all your data together, giving you an organized overview and infinite control over the details.


Make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time data to optimize your sales and purchases. Schedule reports and get insights into your finances to know what's working for you.


Analyze your business performance faster with a consolidated view. See your receivables, payables, cash flow and expenses all from your dashboard.

Financial Reports

OYO Books lets you create and share financial reports like P&L, Balance Sheets, and Cashflow Statements instantly.

Sales and Purchase Reports

Get quick insights into your sales and purchases. View your aging summary, monitor sales by item, and track all purchase order activities.

Inventory Reporting

Our FIFO inventory valuation keeps your financial inventory as orderly as your shelves. Goods are accounted in the order they were purchased.

GST ready

Get a grip over your taxes with OYO Books. We're GST compliant and we keep you tax season ready. Know your GST liability, file returns, and make payments through a single platform.

Registered/Unregistered Users

Track sales to registered and unregistered users to claim your tax credits accurately.


Define the SGST, CGST and IGST tax rates and start levying them on every transaction that you do.

Tax returns

While you enjoy your favourite coffee, we calculate the tax you owe to the tax authorities.

GST Reports

File your GSTR1, GSTR2, and GSTR3 from OYO Books and directly pay the tax you owe.

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